Liv Luxury Kitchen & Bathroom Partner

Day True Award-winning bespoke kitchens & bathrooms

Day True are Kitchen, Bathroom and Home experts, who have a passion to give you a better life through the power of design. Combining our expertise, we will collaborate to provide you with a space filled with hidden smart technology to improve functionality in the home.

Day True x Liv Partnership

Award-winning bespoke kitchens & bathrooms

Put the power of smart control systems into your hand. liv connects your home with the latest tech that allows you to thrive, entertain and upgrade your spaces. Integrating bespoke smart home technology that’s personalised to your individual requirements. Bringing smart solutions that integrate seamlessly with Day True bespoke kitchen and bathroom designs. Together liv x DayTrue make spaces functional, sustainable, and immersive.

Smart Kitchen

Transform your kitchen into a warm, inviting space for entertaining, cooking and winding down in the evening. Automated blinds provide complete privacy while letting the natural light flow into your kitchen.

Smart Bathroom

Create a literal mood, with smart lighting solutions for bathrooms. that put you in the ultimate state of relaxation after a long day, whatever you do. e best bathing experience – all from the touch of a button. Now you can relax.

Smart Home

Control your entire home from one centralised platform. Configure your lighting and shading to match the ambience of any mood, whether you’re entertaining loved ones, hosting your friends or looking to improve the value of your property.

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