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We're the masters of space. liv designs, engineers and deploys the best smart technology systems. Helping you have a better connection with your spaces through the use of technology.

liv Smart Space Experts

liv smart engineers have deployed over 400 smart home and business installations, helping businesses increase revenue, creating homes that integrate seamlessly with family life and enabling property developers to increase property valuations.

Connect better with the world you liv, work and play in. 

liv connects clients with the technologies that enable businesses to protect assets and drive revenues. For homeowners, liv creates spaces that allow clients to thrive, entertain loved ones and make better use of the spaces they’ve invested in.

Founded by technology expert Rory Hackett in 2008, the company and team have grown dramatically; liv expanded to New York & Los Angeles; to meet the needs of our growing client base on the East & West Coast.

Rory Hackett


Services We Deliver To Customers

The team manages the entire process from start to finish, from understanding your needs and requirements, to installing and maintaining systems; with incredible attention to detail.

Stage 1


Offering our specialist advice and attention to detail. Through this process we discuss and advise on the best approach and lay the groundwork.

Stage 2

Concept & Design

Our smart space experts walk you through your room-by-room plan, detailing every inch of our collective vision and creativity.

Stage 3

Project Management

Project manager in charge of the build begins to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle. We work efficiently and with great attention to detail.

Stage 4


Once our technicians begin integrating and programming your AV solution, our dedicated service means that installations are efficient

Stage 5

System Training

Each and every system is designed to be user-friendly, our technicians supply you with a handbook to walk you through your systems.

Stage 6

Support & Maintenance

Dedicated support staff are on hand for any issues you may experience as well as maintenance packages to ensure everything runs perfectly.

Pinnacle Projects

liv is proud to have worked on some of the UK's biggest smart home and business projects, including collaborations with award-winning architects and commercial property developers. From, large-scale luxury home developments in the UK, to properties in some of LA's most prestigious areas:

Escapade Living

60 Luxury Smart Homes at Silverstone

Smart home partner to Escapade connecting 60 high-end smart homes in one of the most unique luxury developments in the UK. 

BXR Gyms

Multi-site Luxury Gym

BXR is one of the fastest-growing gym concepts in the UK. liv delivered smart business solutions for Marylebone and City of London sites; we are now BXR's smart business technology partner as they expand.



Located in LA Pacific Palisades

A complete smart home installation project featuring a range of automation systems that creates a seamless and intuitive experience for the client, including a fully kitted media room.

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