Smart Office Technology Installers & Engineering

liv smart office experts design, engineer, and deploy the best smart technology systems. Helping you achieve and surpass your business goals through the use of technology.

Create Incredible Workspaces For Teams, Clients & Partners

Increase Efficiency

Smart office automation streamlines your communication and online systems to improve efficiency and productivity.

Client Experience

Impress clients and partners with a well-organised smart office management system using smart business technology.

Grow Revenues

With increased productivity and employee satisfaction, watch your revenue grow with smart technology installs.

Video & Audio Conferencing

With high-resolution video and pitch-perfect audio. Making everyone feel like they’re in-the-room. liv ensures a reliable experience for seamless communication and collaboration between teams. Connect with talent working remotely no matter the distance.

Connect seamlessly with remote employees, partners and prospects. 

Commercial Lighting & Shading

Smart lighting and shading systems with adaptive and personalised control for a more comfortable and productive workspace. Ensure high quality light to create dynamic spaces that adapt to meet changing needs across your business and intelligent shades to enhance any space and optimise business operations by ensuring staff comfort.

Creating human-centric experiences - all controlled by one system.

Smart Office Security

Install durable and secure CCTV systems, which can be monitored locally or remotely. With a wide range of CCTV functions, including night vision, 360 degree coverage and motion detection, you can monitor who is coming or going 24/7 365 days a year.   

Keeping your staff, data and building safe.

Office Access Control

Secure your building with powerful access control systems to ensure security at all times. Select from a wide range of systems to meet any stakeholder’s needs, from door access control to fingerprint of facial recognition through to mobile access technology. 

Bringing intelligence to your access control projects

Network Connectivity & Mesh Wifi

Our networks are cloud-managed, so liv can maintain your network from afar, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability to business critical wired and wireless networks. Liv can deploy systems from leading manufacturers to get the best out of your internet connection, ensuring your team can be as productive as possible when working from your office.

Superfast, reliable connectivity 

Office Connectivity - Internet Lines

Networking solutions designed specifically around your business needs. Wired networks are mostly cloud-managed, so Liv can provide internet connections from industry-leading suppliers to ensure end-to-end visibility of your business connectivity needs. This ensures uptime and reliability whatever your business requirements.

Reliably connecting your teams with global opportunities

Office Event Spaces

Events spaces are critical to helping leadership share their vision for the future with their team. They can be utilised as connecting spaces for hosting networking drinks and industry gatherings. Create the perfect space to host events with precise audio, pixel-perfect visuals and lighting that creates the perfect environment and empowers leaders to present successfully.

Create the perfect space to share and shape your company future

Liv Smart Office Projects

Putting your vision and goals at the forefront, liv smart office experts create spaces that centre on your business and objectives.

Mayfair Conference Room

Finance Client

Smart conference room for finance client based in Mayfair, London delivered video-conferencing and VOIP systems.

West London Smart Office

THIS Offices

Pioneer vegan meat company, THIS, brought liv smart office experts into their new space for a full smart office set-up.

smart office services
Central London Smart Office

Private Client Office

Created a new video conferencing and audio set-up in this office space, keeping the team connected.

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