Smart Hospitality Technology Installers & Engineering

liv smart hospitality experts design, engineer, and deploy the best smart hospitality technology systems. Helping you achieve and surpass your hospitality business goals through the use of technology.

Increase Revenue, Drive Footfall and Create Experiences

Drive Retention

Create loyal relationships with customers with a well-organised and personalised services that keep them coming back.

Improve Service

Integrate the systems that improve team collaboration and deliver world class customer service.

Personalised Experience

Personalised experiences with each users preferences in mind making your place their second home.

Hotel Management Systems

Deliver personalised guest experiences using smart automation technologies to improve customer service. Allow new guests to control every aspect of each stay and returning guests get their preferences added automatically, enabling different personalisation from lighting, temperature and entertainment.

Customer Stays; individually personalised.

Hospitality Management & GPD

Liv technology optimises your front and back-of-house operations while creating exceptional experiences for your guests. myRooms’ Guest Presence Detection (GPD) feature knows whether or not a room is occupied—and automatically responds to conserve or deploy resources as needed. Improving housekeeping services and conserving energy.

Manage your room inventory, like Mary Poppins.

Hotel Heating & Cooling

Liv Heating & Cooling is designed for a seamless guest experience that makes every guest feel cared. Guests can adjust lights, temperature and shades throughout their stay with a single, elegant interface. While returning guests will be welcomed to their preferred room temperature and other automation features based on their preference and previous engagements. 

Keep guests in complete comfort; throughout their stay.

Hotel Networking & Wifi 4.0

Deploying next generation Wifi 4.0 - 6.0 solutions throughout your hotel experience ensures all stakeholders from guests, hotel staff and management are in the loop continuously. Ensure myRoom uptime, guest smart systems run and ensure public wifi provided is secure and connected no matter the load.

Your hotel connected and in harmony.

Hotel Video & Audio

Fill every space with immersive sound and personalise each room to create the ideal ambience for your guest depending on the mood you are looking to set from relaxing, entertaining, or working. Within rooms, smart Video can entertain; while in public spaces they can be used to inform and educate.

Improve the in room guest experience.

Hotel Digital Signage

Starting from the lobby, digital signage placements can greet every guest with personalised messages and display real-time updates on future events and other recommendations including restaurants offering nearby attractions and services. Enhance branding, and create an immersive experience.

Educate and inform your guests.

Spa Lighting & Shading

Create a mood with smart lighting and shading solutions that put your guests into a state of relaxation as soon as they arrive. Adjust lighting depending on the treatments you’re delivering and create a great space for your team to work and use while offering the perfect atmosphere for guests to unwind in comfort.

Create the ultimate relaxation experience.

Key Hospitality Project

Escapade Smart Hospitality Swimming Pool

Escapade Living

60 Luxury Smart Homes at Silverstone

Smart home partner to Escapade connecting 60 high-end smart homes in one of the most unique luxury developments in the UK. 

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