Smart Retail Technology Installers & Engineering

liv smart retail experts design, engineer, and deploy the best smart retail technology systems. Helping you achieve and surpass your business goals through the use of technology.

Increase Revenue, Drive Footfall and Create Experiences

Increase Team Efficiency

Install smart retail systems streamline your operations to improve team efficiency and productivity.

Build Customer Loyalty

Create lasting relationships with customers by creating unique experiences that keep them coming back again and again.

Grow Retail Revenues

With increased productivity and employee satisfaction, watch your revenue grow and business expand to new locations.

Retail Video Display Installe

Keep your customers informed and engaged with smart digital displays that can show vital product information, USPs and your latest offers. Digital displays can be fully customised to your specific needs and requirements.

Informative digital retail displays

Smart Retail Audio Installers

Installing leading audio technologies into retail environments enhances customer experiences and drives sales. Liv installs smart retail audio systems to provide customers with a seamless and engaging experience, improving interaction and increasing customer loyalty.

High-definition audio throughout your retail space

Retail Lighting & Shading

Smart lighting systems allow you to customise the light levels in your stores, creating the perfect atmosphere to be on brand and increase the appeal of your products. Deploy shading solutions that integrate with other smart retail devices like digital signage and security.

Your store lit beautifully, any time of day

Retail Security & Access Control

liv takes a comprehensive and advanced approach to retail security, incorporating cutting-edge technology and proactive measures to protect your spaces and reduce exposure. liv t access control, and intrusion detection, which can be controlled and viewed remotely.

Protect your retail space, team & assets

Secure Retail Wifi & Connectivity

Liv provides a comprehensive approach to network design and management, incorporating advanced technologies like cloud computing, edge computing, and networking, enabling retailers to optimise network performance, reduce latency, and improve reliability.

Securely connect your team & customers

liv Smart Retail Projects

liv smart retail experts create spaces that centre on the experience you envisage for customers; the first time they enter your space.

Chelsea, London

House of Rohl Showroom

House of Rohl is a collective of luxury decorative plumbing brands from around the world.

Day True Showroom Liv Retail
Wimbledon, London

Day True Showroom

Day True creates award winning luxury home-interiors, kitchens and bathrooms.

Regent's Street, London

Dance Studio

Innovative dance studio in Central London, focused on Latin / South American music.

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