Smart Retail

liv smart retail experts design, engineer, and deploy the best smart retail technology systems. Helping you achieve and surpass your business goals through the use of technology.

Increase Revenue, Drive Footfall and Create Experiences

Increase Efficiency

Smart retail automation streamlines your networks and online systems to improve efficiency and productivity.

Build Loyalty

Create loyal relationships with customers with a well-organised management system using liv smart technology.

Grow revenues

With increased productivity and employee satisfaction, watch your revenue grow with smart technology installs.

Liv Smart Retail Service

Enabling you to build better experiences for customers by delivering effective security, audiovisual and networking capability to make your business go further.

Enhance your retail experience.

Smart Retail Partnerships

liv smart retail experts are ready to transform your next retail project by utilising next-generation smart access, audio and visual technologies. Create profitable, efficient and well-engineered spaces that wow customers.

liv partner with the best architects and retail designers.

Our Smart Retail Projects

Chelsea, London

House of Rohl Showroom

House of Rohl is a collective of luxury decorative plumbing brands from around the world.

LA Boston & Dallas

MiniLuxe Salon Chain

MiniLux is a chain of affordable luxury nail salons across the United States.

Regent’s Street, London

Dance Studio

Innovative dance studio in Central London, focused on Latin / South American music.

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