Health & Wellness Technology Installers & Engineers

Create the perfect mood for your clients utilising the latest technologies that enable your customers to feel energised.

Create sensory experience that create recurring revenue.

Create Experiences

Wellness experience that are unique to you. Liv install your perfect balance that activate all your customers' senses.

Build Loyalty

Create loyal relationships with customers. With experiences that they want to come back time and time again.

Grow Revenues

With increased productivity and employee satisfaction, watch your revenue grow and business expand.

Lighting & Shading

Smart lighting systems that enable health and wellness businesses to customise the lighting on site, creating the perfect atmosphere and mood.

Smart lighting installations that enhance customer experience and reduce the energy costs.

Curate the perfect ambiance for health & wellness

Specialist Lighting

Wow, your visitors with stunning colour displays. Liv programmes and installs the most advanced lighting systems that give our client's spaces a premium feel.

Install full spectrum lighting deployments into gyms, studios and a more.

Customisable full spectrum specialist lighting

CCTV + Access Control

Smart health and wellness security systems provide a comprehensive and advanced approach to retail security, incorporating cutting-edge technology and proactive measures.

Protect wellness spaces and enhance the overall customer experience with CCTV, access control and

Protect your wellness space, team & assets

Audio & Visual

Create highly engaging health & wellness experiences, merge advanced Audio and Visual systems that communicate your brand seamlessly, providing a unique experience that both engages customers and motivates your team. 

Create your personalised sensory experience that flows across locations.

Smart AV solutions for health & wellness

Climate Control

Keep your customers comfortable no matter the weather outside. Liv installs smart climate control systems for health and wellness businesses that improve air quality for your customers and teams.

Ensure a consistent temperature across all your locations.

Ensure customer comfort come rain or shine

Staff & Customer WIFI

Deploying next generation Wifi solutions throughout your experience ensuring all stakeholders from guests, staff and management are continuously connected.

Maintain POS and wellness management and booking system uptime. Ensure your public wifi is secure and connected no matter the time of day.

Your space connected and in harmony

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