Smart Home Shading Systems

From front windows to large ceiling and bathroom skylights, liv. is ready to transform your smart home vision with automated shading. Access your system from anywhere in the world, whenever you want.

Smart Shading That Helps You Get Into Rhythm

Smart Home Shading Systems

Time your light around your lifestyle with automated shading.

Shading for Every Home

Entirely personalised shading, for every lifestyle and home.

Automated Shading To Manage Natural Light

Home or away, automated shading follows your command. Protect your furnishings with timed coverage during bright hours or remotely lower your home blinds on vacation for the impression of occupation.

Automated share that adjust to your schedule.

Shading Linked With Smart Home Control

Designed to provide privacy and let the natural light flow in at the touch of a button. These automated blinds open and close using a phone, tablet or remote control based on your personal preferences.

Link smart systems for a balanced in perfect balance.

Shading For Smart Health

Automated shading can follow the natural body clock by opening and closing at specific times allowing natural light to wake you up and darkness to signify its time to rest, putting your health first.

Live a healthier life with smart home shading.

Smart Home Installation & Engineering

liv smart home experts have been trusted for over 14 years to design, install and maintain our clients smart home systems. From family homes to second homes and new apartments liv enables you to take complete control of your spaces.


Experience audiovisual like never before. Be immersed in the moment.


Find out how smart control can help you live life in perfect balance.  


liv here, liv now; indulge you and your family in the entertainment you love. 


Set the mood for precious moments. Change the way you experience light. 


Home or away, stay secure with liv.

Remote security anywhere, anytime. 


Your temperature, at your command. liv in comfort no matter the season.

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