Smart Food & Beverage Technology Installers & Engineering

liv smart food and beverage experts design, engineer, and deploy the best smart food and beverage technology systems. Helping you achieve and surpass your hospitality business goals through the use of technology.

Increase F&B Revenue, Drive Footfall and Create Experiences

Drive Retention

Create loyal relationships with customers with a well-organised and personalised service that keep them coming back.

Improve Service

Integrate the systems that improve team collaboration and deliver world class customer service.

Personalised Experience

Personalised experiences with each user's preferences in mind, making your place their second home.

Entertainment Systems

Make your space unique with immersive entertainment AV solutions for your customers that wow and drive repeat custom. Liv collaborates with ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking to push the boundaries of creativity within their bar / club / restaurant experience driving innovation within the sector.

AV that enthrals and engages.

Commercial F&B Lighting

Use smart lighting and shading solutions within your F&B establishment to improve the way you use light to set the scene or mood. Create an ambience with shades that taper natural light. Use lighting and shading to set the stage.

Create a consistent ambience across different sites.

F&B Security Systems

Protect your team and your assets with smart CCTV and access control solutions that ensure your investments are safe and protected. Provide staff with access to dedicated staff areas, and ensure management areas are off-limits while keeping a close eye on stock and most importantly, keeping customers safe. 

Keep guests in complete comfort; throughout their stay.

Staff & Customers WIFI

Deploying next generation Wifi solutions throughout your experience ensuring all stakeholders from guests, staff and management are continuously connected.

Maintain POS and F&B management system uptime and ensure the public wifi is secure and connected no matter the time of day.

Your space connected and in harmony.

Specialist Lighting

F&B operators look to create unique experiences for their guests, impressing customers so much that they want to return time and time again.

Specialist lighting within F&B has become important as it sets the tone for the environment, creates an emotional connection with customers and helps form memories that last a lifetime.

Making an impression on every level.

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