Home Cinema Installations

Bring the cinema home with liv smart home cinema experts. Experience theatre with the highest quality sound and visuals in the comfort of your own home, in a dedicated cinema room.

Epic Cinema Experiences at Home

Big Screens Experience

Step into the world of home cinema. Have a slice of Hollywood at home.

Cinema Audio Systems

Feel like you're in the movie with Dolby smart surround sound.

Cinema Experience

Indulge you and your family in the films and entertainment you love.

Home Cinema Audio

Surround yourself with the highest quality sound from industry leaders like Dolby, Meridian and Steinway Lyngdorf. Join the action with the biggest stars from the comfort of your own home cinema.

Enjoy theatrical sound at home.

Smart Cinema Displays

The cinema is about escapism, transporting you out of daily life for a moment. Powered by 4k resolution, liv creates breathtaking experiences that embrace the best in sound and lighting to achieve the perfect ambience for your theatrical paradise.

Enjoy escapism in your liv smart home cinema.

Home Cinema Lighting

The right lighting will enhance your theatric experience. With subtle illumination, in-ceiling lights and LED down-lights, liv smart home experts will devise the perfect solution for your home cinema.

Enhance your cinema experience with dedicated lighting.

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