Life with Savant Smart Home Control

Ever wondered what your life would look like with totally customised smart home control? Read our post to see how your life can be transformed.

Described by the brand themselves as "premium, Smart Home Systems personalised for the way you live," Savant Home Automation is revolutionising homes across the globe. Savant has centralised all the smart features of a home into one, easy to use and totally customisable interface, accessed through their app, remote and wall panel. This system seamlessly links the invisible ecosystem of your home, from the lighting and shading to sound and entertainment systems as well as climate control and security. With Savant, there is no need for multiple apps and remotes to control your existing systems - it is one app, with total, bespoke control over your whole home to suit your exact needs. So, what does a day in the life with smart home control look like?

Lutron automated blinds rise in the morning

Waking up with Savant

Whether during the working week or on a lazy Sunday morning, your shading system can be timed through the Savant app to rise at a specific time, acting as a natural alarm clock. The same can be set for the lighting, if the natural light isn't quite enough to wake you up. While the shades rise and gentle lights turn on, still without having left the comfort of the bed, the TV turns on playing your favourite morning show. Or, for those not quite ready for TV,  the radio can subtly start through your sound system.

While the radio continues in the bedroom, choose your wake-up playlist to accompany your shower while you finish getting ready for the day. Turning on music, through Savant, in the bathroom does not turn off the audio playing in other rooms, so the later risers can continue to enjoy the radio at the same time.

The early risers can enjoy music in the shower...
while others relax with a podcast in the bath.

Staying cool and safe with Savant

As the morning routine in the working week winds down and it's time to leave the house, Savant allows you to leave with total peace of mind that your home is secure. With various integrated brands, you can remotely check on the door if the doorbell rings or let someone into the house so you don't have to always be there.

Temperature control during the summer months is also something that Savant helps with. Not only can you customise your climate control so no energy is wasted when the property is empty, you can time your shading. Rather than artificially cooling the property down, it is much more efficient to keep the property cool using shades to reflect the light and maintain a consistent temperature to avoid a greenhouse effect in properties with lots of glass.

Discrete cameras to keep your home safe.
Use Savant control to close blinds to maintain a cool temperature.

Returning home with Savant

There is little better than returning home after a long day to relax and unwind. What is even better, is coming home to a space that is already ready for your arrival - blinds down, optimum temperature reached and lights on as you arrive. Savant allows you to customise every step of your day, you don't even need to fumble for keys anymore as your access control allows you inside as soon as you wish through your Savant app.

Night-time with Savant

As you head into the last stage of the day, Savant takes care of setting up your home for the night. Walking around the home door locking, blind closing and turning off lights are now the things of the past, with Savant this can all be done remotely. With pre-set 'scenes' all these features can be timed to simultaneously lock, close and turn off at once at a set time or when instructed, minimising the things you have to think about before you sleep.

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