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Lutron is a world-leading brand of smart lighting and shading. With now, over 15'000 new products, this post highlights our favourites.

Lutron is a world-leading brand in smart lighting and shading design and manufacturing. Started by physicist Joel Spira in a makeshift lab in New York city in the late 1950's, Spira set out to, and succeeded in, creating a solid-state device that would enable people to vary the intensity of the lights in their homes - the invention of the dimmer switch. When Spira incorporated Lutron Electronics in the 1960s, he knew that lighting control would be beneficial in many areas. Dimmers were both elegant and useful, and allowed a level of control that at that time was only used in theatre performances. Dimmers also saved energy, and with rising costs he felt that the energy-saving aspects of his invention would ensure the long-term appeal of lighting controls.

As well as the solid-state dimmer, Lutron has patents on innovations such as the first electronic dimming ballast for fluorescent lights and the first self-contained preset lighting control system. In over 50 years, Lutron has invented hundreds of lighting control devices and systems, and expanded their product offering from 2 products to 15,000.

Lutron systems are designed to be installed and used in both residential and commercial spaces, with different product lines and systems designed specifically for each.

Large, in-ceiling Lutron blind installed in a residential liv. project.

Residential smart lighting & shading systems

Lutron automated lighting and shade control solutions "enhance your lifestyle, improve comfort, and add convenience" according to the designers. All systems can be controlled from mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Lutron's single and multi-room solutions include smart lighting control in any room - or multiple rooms - of your home with dimmers, sensors, and automated shades. A popular shading line, Sivoia, comes in three different systems. Sivoia QS is a wired shading system that is compatible with a variety of different automated blind options such as roller blinds, traditional curtain tracks, the Kirbé vertical curtain track system, tensioned blinds, and Roman blinds. Sivoia QS Wireless is of the same family but made wireless. As a result this system is a perfect option for retrofit and renovation due to the elimination of communication wiring between components. Sivoia QS Triathlon is described by Lutron as "the most fashionable, flexible, and reliable motorised blind system available today." This version is battery operated, meaning these blinds can be installed anywhere, including spaces without an electricity supply.

Lutron Sivoia shades
Lutron keypad control

For whole home solutions, Lutron offers lighting control, shading, and temperature control throughout entire homes with the touch of a button or through an automated schedule.

Lutron recommends their RA2 Select system for personalised lighting and shading control, accessed through app or remote wherever you may be. Their slightly more advanced system, RadioRA2, offers the ability to adjust the amount of daylight, electric light, and the temperature throughout a home. This system also turns off standby power to small appliances when they’re not in use to minimise energy wastage.

Finally, their longest-standing system HomeWorks brings together the best in lighting , dimming and shading control. With the ability to learn when you come and go to ensure the right lighting is set at times of the day, voice activation, aesthetic wall control panels and various fabric options for suitable shading options, HomeWorks is an all-round options for those interested in Lutron's systems.

Lutron RA2 Select system
Lutron Alisse keypad

Commercial smart lighting & shading systems

Lutrons focus' on the commercial side are space utilisation, energy efficiency, beautiful design and supporting productivity.

One of their most popular systems is Vive. Described as "a simple, modular wireless lighting control solution" for commercial buildings (new and existing.) Lutron recommends Vive is ideally suited for educational spaces such as schools and university buildings as well as commercial and governmental offices. As Vive is a wireless system, it offers a flexibility for simple installation in new and existing structures with minimal risk of call backs.

Lutron Athena lighting colour control
Lutron Quantum-Vue interface

An alternative solution from Lutron is their Athena system. Athena combines lighting and shading systems into a simple all-in-one set-up designed to offer a 'holistic' lighting experience. Lutron markets this system as the most 'mood' centred system. Athena boasts tunable white, warm dimming, and saturated colour. Athena makes light an experience - suitable for restaurants, galleries, spas, and more. With no minimum load requirement, even a single downlight can be its own zone, preserving design flexibility and allowing for total customisation in any space.

Finally, Quantum. Quantum is a powerhouse system with capacity to control over 10'000 devices. Providing everything from lighting and shading control to energy management, Quantum is able to manage huge spaces such as workplaces, universities, and hospitals. This system's building management dashboard—Quantum Vue—provides both global control capabilities and advanced analytics to inform better energy savings, higher space utilisation, easier maintenance scheduling, and smarter building use decisions.

Lutron myRoom offers guests the ability to create their desired atmosphere in their contained space.

Hospitality smart system

Lutron's hospitality focused system 'myRoom' is described as a "marvel of modern luxury." It offers guests the ability to experience smart control in their contained room in a hotel, for example. Lighting, temperature, and shading are brought together into one,  system anyone can control via a keypad or your the hotel's mobile app, guests can use myRoom to easily create their desired atmosphere and adjust it throughout their stay so it’s always just right for them.

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