Home Security Systems: Professional Installation VS DIY

Don't leave your home unprotected this Winter. We dive into the differences between professional home security installations and the off-the-shelf DIY alternatives.

As the nights get darker, it's concerning to discover that home break-ins surge by a staggering 24.7%. The Winter season, intending to be a time of celebration for families across the globe, unfortunately, becomes a window of opportunity for burglars and opportunists, entering our homes and snatching parcels from our doorsteps. Before you resort to the antics of Kevin McCallister in 'Home Alone,' let’s consider a more reliable solution for home security this Winter: professional installation and home security systems! In our latest blog, we take a deep dive into the key differences between expert security installation and design, and the DIY off the shelf alternatives. This article could be the key to safeguarding your home during this Winters.  

What does professional installation entail? 

Tailored to your specific needs, professional home security systems and technology installations offer a range of advanced features to enhance the safety of your home or business. 

Our service begins with a thorough evaluation of your property, considering its unique characteristics and your usage patterns. With this evaluation we create a personalised design, mapping out every security feature required from where it will be placed to how it will be accessed. Once the design is tailored and aligned with your space, our expert installation team proceeds to implement access control systems, incorporating elements such as smart locks and remote access systems. 

We add further layers of security with features such as motion sensors, monitoring services, and top-of-the-line CCTV for enhanced surveillance. Intrusion detection devices and intercom systems are seamlessly integrated to provide heightened security, ensuring a full defence strategy for your premises. 

What is the DIY alternative? 

Although DIY alternatives to securing your home may be cost-effective and pose as simple to use, the DIY approach to securing your home can come at much greater cost.  

Despite your familiarity with your home or business, conducting a fully comprehensive security assessment requires specialised knowledge and insights that DIY solutions simply cannot provide. You may not know the true weak points of your premises, leaving your property at risk of security breaches.  

Traditional off-the-shelf home security systems typically offer basic components, such as a door camera and a rudimentary intercom feature, yet lack guidance on optimal placement for maximum security and intricate connections for constant connectivity.  

The typical built-in security and access control features rely on internet connection and cloud storage, which introduce further vulnerabilities. In instances of internet outages or full cloud storage, your protection against opportunists, especially during the darker nights, becomes compromised. 

While these DIY alternatives provide a budget-friendly means to bolster your security and grant you greater peace of mind, they do not offer the in-depth, sophisticated features professional installations do, which in the long run, can increase your insurance premium, leave you at risk of home invasions and increase stress during the holidays.  

Is professional worth it over DIY? Absolutely. 

What should be included in security systems and what are the benefits? 

The well-protected property has more than an intruder alarm system and a door camera. When considering securing your property for the darker nights, a multifaceted approach is required. You want to protect your home from opportunists, fires and more. So how can you achieve this?  

While we have previously discussed the significance of CCTV and surveillance camera placement, emphasising this aspect remains crucial. Expert knowledge ensures the elimination of blind spots, and the strategic positioning of CCTV not only shields but also deters potential intruders—a feature integral to Liv.'s comprehensive security services, and not available with off-the-shelf options.  

Integrating access control and intercom systems adds an additional layer of security to your package. This service provides clients with a secure means of communication without the need to physically answer the door. The two-way communication method not only allows for visitor authentication but also serves as a deterrent, signalling to potential intruders that they are being observed. 

Through the seamless integration of access control and intercom systems, you can ensure that communication and access control work in tandem, creating a more robust and comprehensive security solution. 

More than just products 

By choosing professional installation with Liv., you have the flexibility to incorporate 24/7 support and maintenance options. We bolster this service by ensure that your security systems are not reliant on internet connection and cloud storage. This support function significantly minimises the potential for security downtime in the event of a technical fault within your system. With continuous access to 24/7 support, your CCTV and alarm system remains operational at all times, ensuring uninterrupted security coverage. This constant accessibility to CCTV enhances your capacity to promptly identify and respond to potential security threats. 

Coupled with exceptional, premium products and first-rate support, Liv. guarantees the seamless integration of your security systems with your smart home or business. Our dedicated installation process considers the existing features of your smart property, ensuring that your security systems operate harmoniously within your ecosystem. Features like access controls, intercoms, and CCTV seamlessly integrate, aligning with the functionalities of your smart property. This level of attention and integration surpasses what can be achieved with do-it-yourself, off-the-shelf products. 

Protect yourself this Winter 

If the ideal gift for you this Winter is the gift of security, reach out to the Liv. team to discover how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs and effectively safeguard your home this December. Rest assured; no booby traps will be part of the solution! Contact our team!

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