Sound Systems for Commercial Spaces

From retail spaces to gyms and offices, this post looks at what must be considered when choosing sound systems for commercial spaces.

Sound is a crucial feature of almost every commercial space, whether it be a restaurant, bar, gym, office, or clothes store. It is a key component of customer or client experience, and each sector might have different needs. From the lack of sound absorption in retail spaces, to the volume needed for gyms and zero echo for video conferencing in an office, this post looks at three commercial spaces and what should be considered when specifying and installing a sound system.

liv. Commercial retail project, featuring Amina Invisible Speakers.

Commercial Sound Systems: Retail

Commercial retail spaces tend to be 'harsh' for audio. This means there is a lack of objects to absorb sound, which can in turn create an echo-y, bad quality sounding sound system, regardless of how high quality the system is - the environment has to be right. A popular solution to this problem are invisible speakers. Amina Invisible Speakers are, as the name suggests, entirely hidden within the walls or ceiling of a space. This means the sound is better absorbed and distributed around the space, with no compromise on the audio quality due to the unique technology that Amina has created.

Another reason invisible speakers may be a good option for a retail space, is if there are strict building regulations. In one of our own commercial, a Nail salon chain in the US shown above, the building would not allow any 'openings' in the ceiling. Even though in-ceiling speakers like those from brands such as Origin Acoustics don't seem like obvious openings, they are classed as such in this instance. Therefore, we installed Amina Invisible Speakers to comply with building regulations as these speakers are sealed into the ceiling.

Commercial Sound Systems: Gyms

Music in the gym is probably the second most important feature to gym equipment! Audio is a key factor for those exercising to feel energised and motivated and so good-quality audio is a must for any gym space. The quality of sound is important because you don't want it to just be loud when you workout, the music also helps drown out the sound of equipment to keep you feeling focused on your movements as opposed to the noise of others. Spatial audio design is also a key point of consideration to ensure good, even coverage throughout the space. Sonance design systems that are excellent for these type of spaces, specifically their professional Pendant series which are discreet and provide consistent sight lines in the space.

BXR City Gym, Bishopsgate. Smart technology by liv.

Commercial Sound System: Offices

Audio in the office is most important when it comes to Video Conferencing. Ensuring there is no echo, and even sound distribution whether in a small meeting room, or large boardroom. It is essential to be able to hear remote participants clearly without needing to have the volume turned up to high which may disrupt others in the workplace - it should be as if the remote team are in the same room. Audio is also common to have in communal areas and break-out spaces. Light background music has been proven to help lift morale for employees, and is also useful for presentations or more casual team meetings where audio may be wanted.

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