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Establishing Smart Home and Business Automation in Los Angeles for an easier, and more productive life for our Liv. customers. Our engineering, design, and systems are here to upgrade your space with functional technology. 

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Since our launch in 2008, Liv has helped, installed, supported, and maintained smart homes for residents across the city and beyond. Liv works with you to tailor your needs to make your environment easy to control with everything at your fingertips. Our Smart Home system upgrades your living space, giving you the utmost control of your surroundings and helping you live life in perfect balance. 

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Pacific Palisades Smart Home

Smart Home Installation - Pacific Palisades

Pacific palisades is one of the high-end postcodes in Los Angeles. Liv Technology delivered a smart home project that included smart lighting and shading, AV and a comprehensive security solution.

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Los Angeles Smart Home FAQ

What are popular smart home features in Los Angeles?

Smart home features popular in Los Angeles include energy-efficient lighting and climate control, home security systems, integrated entertainment systems, and voice-activated assistants.

How much does an Los Angeles smart Home cost to install?

The cost of installing smart home technology in Los Angeles varies depending on the complexity of your setup and the devices you choose. Speak to a liv technology smart home installer to get a better understanding of the costs involved.

What brands don't you install?

Due to security risks, we don't install any brands that have backdoor access. This mean no government or institution can infiltrate you home network or connected devices.

Business Automation Installers Los Angeles

Being the heart of the technological revolution, Liv offers all businesses to upgrade their space with the latest technology. Our Smart Business Experts will work jointly with you, delivering you the best service and adapting to your specific needs. Liv’s Smart Technology advances everyday productivity, improves operational efficiency, and drives revenue. Our solutions ensure rapid adoption with minimal onboarding disruptions. 

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Parkview Financial - Smart Office Conference Room

Smart Office Installation - Parkview Financial

Our team installed cameras, iPad controls, large displays with dante audio systems, and integrated Zoom capabilities within the boardroom and across multiple meeting rooms.

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