Multisite Luxury Gym Project


Founded in London’s W1, BXR is the world's first and foremost elite boxing-gym concept. BXR are trailblazers in fitness and wellbeing, pushing boundaries in what a boxing gym should and could be.

Smart Business Solutions For BXR

Our brief was to infuse technology into a workout environment fit for a Champion. liv discreetly implemented technology such as Ubiquiti Mesh WiFi throughout, allowing for a seamless roaming experience as well as fingerprint access control from 2N to the Members Only gym area.

Smart Access Control

liv installed 2N Smart Access security solutions for the BXR Team. Allow them to securely restrict access to certain areas at Marylebone, Bishopsgate and Canary Wharf (in progress).

Mesh Wifi

Next generation Wifi systems were installed at Marylebone, Bishopsgate and Canary Wharf. Giving gym members and the BXR team access to super-fast wifi speeds, eliminating blind sport which are common in large spaces.

BXR West End

BXR Gym Smart Business

BXR City

BXR Climb Studio

BXR Canary Wharf

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