Smart Home Lighting Experts

 Enjoy light to match the moment. liv smart home lighting experts install smart home lighting systems that are bespoke to you, changing the way you experience light in your home.

Smart Home Lighting Systems That Set The Tone

Smart Home Lighting

With the touch of a button set the mood for precious moments that matter

Smart Garden Lighting

Create an evening ambience with bespoke outdoor smart lighting

Mood Lighting

liv smart home lighting experts believe light is the defining factor in creating the mood for a room. From family movie night and parties to dressing and cooking, light impacts the entire mood.

Let liv transform the way you experience light.

Complete Lighting Control

Partnering with industry-leading technology designers, liv smart home lighting experts give you complete control over the look and feel of your space, creating bespoke lighting scenes to suit any mood.

Customise your smart lighting for a restful environment.

Landscape Lighting

The evening doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. BBQ’s, family movie nights and dinner parties can be enjoyed all year round, all evening. Entertain in ultimate style with smart outdoor lighting.

Elevate your outdoor space with smart lighting.

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